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Stand Up Program

We are excited to announce a BRAND NEW program for HWNT Dallas emerging professionals! In an effort to provide our emerging professional members with greater opportunities for personal and career growth, we created Stand Up. We encourage and support emerging professionals in the pursuit of their ambitions, working together and building circles of mentorship. Stand Up is gaining momentum and calling members at-large to join the Stand Up committee! The committee will be tasked to scope venues, identify and confirm speakers, brainstorm professional development topics/themes and communicate to members the purpose of Stand Up. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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“Stand Up” Professional Seminars

Designed for Emerging Professionals


Recap of the November Stand Up Event by Ana Christa Robles

Women in Philanthropy: Strategically Giving with Purpose. HWNT Dallas celebrated another remarkable “Stand UP” Professional Development Series event on Monday, November 10th. HWNT members and other attendees participated in an interactive workshop learning to shift from simple giving to developing a philanthropic plan.

Keynote speaker, Stephanie Bernal, VP of Leadership Giving at the Dallas Women‘s Foundation led the group through exercises that allowed them to identify philanthropic goals specific to them. Attendees shared their goals which varied from education to mentorship, energy sustainability and health. “Before this session I was always stuck. I always loved to give but after this workshop I learned that my heart belongs to Alzheimer’s. My mother suffered with the disease and it just clicked for me,” said Olga Melendez a new HWNT Dallas and Stand Up committee member.

Our next Stand Up event is scheduled for February 3rd, 2015. This is our first ever “learnference” (conference + learning + curated networking). Details on the location will be coming soon. You don’t want to miss this!

Recap of  the August Stand Up Event by: Stacey Guillen

HWNT Dallas celebrated another fantastic “Stand Up” Professional Development Series event on Saturday August 9th 2014. We had a stimulating conversation with keynote speaker, Professor Jim Hart – Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University. We discussed the connection between leadership, entrepreneurship and art as it applies to why organizations are engaging in new, more spontaneous, and more innovative ways of managing. It’s no secret that companies are seeking leaders based more on hope, aspiration, and innovation than on the replication of historical patterns of management. Immediately following the speaker presentation, we had a unique experience in the art and science of wine and chocolate pairing. The chocolate and wines were delicious!

Click here to learn more about HWNT Dallas’ Stand Up Initiative

1) How is this program different from ESS or other HWNT Dallas chapter programs?

The Stand Up program has neither age limits nor invisible barriers that seem to keep one from succeeding. The Stand Up program will unleash your potential and rejuvenate your inner strength and passion. The Stand Up program will take place, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis providing professional development boot camp series for our emerging professionals to network in a relaxed, social setting. Each event will feature leaders in their respective industry and /or panelists sharing their story of success, how they “stand up” to their goals, their mistakes and advice for our members and guests.

2) How often will you have these events? Is it quarterly or monthly?

Planned professional development boot camp events will be quarterly.

Future months are as follows:

      • January 29, 2014
      • April 2014
      • August 2014
      • December 2014

*All dates are subject to change and new seminars may be added to support contributing partners and sponsors.

3) What are the benefits to joining Stand Up?

      • Take your career to the next level by learning from other leaders and emerging professionals!
      • Connect and learn from other professionals through networking and our online directory!
      • Enjoy access to professional development programs, events, networking, mentoring and much more!

4) Is this program open to anyone?

Yes, the program is open to emerging professionals, men and women of all backgrounds.

5) Is Stand Up an HWNT Dallas chapter program only or is it statewide?

Stand Up is an HWNT Dallas program for the time being, but it may expand beyond the Dallas chapter.

6) Do I have to become a member of HWNT Dallas in order to attend a Stand Up event?

No, this program is open to the community. Because Stand Up is an HWNT Program, HWNT members will be given first priority to attend these events and receive exclusive opportunities. We always have membership forms available to you in case you would like to receive this additional benefit. HWNT membership is open to everyone.

7) How can I get involved in Stand Up?

In order to be a volunteer, you must be a member of HWNT. We have many opportunities for volunteers, so please send an email to us at and let us know of your interest and how you would like to help.

8) I have an idea for a topic/speaker/panelist for an upcoming event. Who do I contact to submit my idea?

Program Chair Stacey Guillen at

HWNT Stand Up Committee in Action!

HWNT Stand Up Committee in Action!

November was another eventful month for Stand Up. After our Women and Philanthropy: Strategically Giving with Purpose event, our enthusiastic committee met to discuss topics and strategies for the Stand Up’s 2015 year. “What and amazing team, Stand Up 2015 will be awesome with this committee in charge!” said HWNT Dallas Board Member Chris Bradshaw. The goal for the events was to better prepare ALL attendees to elevate to their next level. You might also notice our commitment is growing! We hope to keep the momentum going with topics focused on business acumen guaranteed to prepare you for YOUR next level.

2015 Meetings will be held the 1st Tuesday of the second month of each quarter. Don’t miss your opportunity to join us at our next event, put our meeting dates in your calendar TODAY. Locations and more details to come. Stay tuned!



Stand Up has been awarded a grant by the Hispanic 100 Advised Fund of the Dallas Foundation. The Stand Up Program, which has been well received beyond our chapter within our community, encourages and supports emerging professionals in the pursuit of their ambitions, working together and building circles of mentorship.


August 9th 2014 Stand Up at Chocolate Secrets

StandUp 8-9-14 1     StandUp 8-9-14 2

Capturing Moments of January 29th 2014 Stand Up


                                                   Album 2


October 29, 2013 Stand Up Kick Off: “Put Your Personal Brand to the Test”





Program Chair Stacey Guillen