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Nominations Accepted HERE

Esteemed HWNT Members,

As the Chair of the Nominations Committee, I am writing to inform the membership on important decisions that have been made to ensure the continuity, stability and success of our beloved organization.

The HWNT Executive Board has given serious consideration to the need for continuity within our organization during these times of uncertainty with the pandemic. Since our bylaws do not address these types of emergencies, we referenced Roberts Rules of Order for clarification to assist the Executive Board in making the recommendation to board. The 11th edition, Robert' s Rules allows for extensions of Board actions such as delaying elections.  In these uncertain times, keeping continuity on the State Board is crucial to the organizations sustainability and success, therefore the Board of Directors has approved to delay our elections for one year. 

Although our current HWNT State Board Members have agreed to extend their service, there are still several opportunities available for members to rise into a leadership position within our State Board. The four vacant positions will fulfill the remainder of the 2020 to 2021 term. Therefore, the term for the elected positions begins on January 2021 through December 2021.

Have a great day,

Anette Landeros

HWNT Immediate Past State Chair



for Elected State Board Positions

The main requirements to be eligible to be elected to the State Board are the following:
 - A member in good standing of the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas.

- Demonstrate a commitment to Hispanic women’s issues and leadership qualities.

 - Demonstrate leadership such as a minimum of one year of service on a community board of directors with a minimum of two years on the Chapter's Board of Directors.

- Professional management work experience is desired and may substitute for the one year with a community organization.

All members of the State Board of Directors shall support the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas by pledging and providing an annual monetary contribution to Network at the State level. The pledge demonstrates the Chapter commitment to the grants and fundraising efforts provided by the State office and can be supplemented by the Chapter resources.  

- Willing to attend quarterly state board meetings and annual retreat.

Open Positions 

Elected State Board

The Network Chair shall be the official representative of the Network and shall preside at all meetings of the Network. 
The Network Chair oversees the activities of the Network through the following Standing Committees: (1) Bylaws, (2) Finance, (3) Self- Development, (4) Credentials, Nominations, and Elections, (5) Marketing and Communications, (6) Education, (7) Legislation and Issues, and (8) Strategic Development Goals. The Chair creates ad hoc and special committees as needed. The Network Chair manages the hiring and performance evaluations of staff and consultants with input and guidance from the Executive Board. The Chair leads efforts of the Bylaws, Strategic Development Goals, and Finance Standing Committees.
Chair Elect 
The Chair Elect shall perform the duties of the Network Chair in the event of absence or disability and shall assist the Chair in such duties as the Chair shall assign. The Chair Elect ensures officers carry out responsibilities, operational tasks, and deadlines for the following Standing Committees: (1) Marketing and Communications, (2) Education, and (3) Bylaws.

Vice Chair of Development 
The Vice Chair of Development shall perform the duties required to assist in fundraising for the organization including sponsorships for the State Annual Meeting and Conference. The Vice Chair of Development coordinates activities with the Executive officers and the Executive Director to ensure sustainability of the organization. The officer will chair the Strategic Development Goals Committee.

Vice Chair of Marketing  
The Vice Chair of Marketing shall perform the duties required to publicize and communicate the activities of the state organization and the State Annual Meeting and Conference. The officer seeks to link Chapter announcements and accomplishments to the Network’s website and the quarterly Vision newsletter. The officer chairs the Marketing and Communication Committee and serves as the webmaster responsible for the Network’s website. The Vice Chair of Marketing chairs the Marketing and Communication Standing Committee with the Chair Elect.

Open Positions 

Chair Appointed State Board

Additionally, there are several appointed positions that have been created to amplify the talent leading our organizations. The following will be appointed by the Chair once all interested parties are reviewed and the Chair is elected.

Appointed Chair Positions Available

Conference Chair

Work closely with the State Chair to manage a committee and oversee all aspects of planning and implementation of the annual conference.

Estrella Awards Chair 

Works closely with the State Chair and Chapter Chairs to select honorees and manage a committee and oversee all aspects of planning and implementation of the Estrella Awards.

Pláticas Poderosas Chair

Works closely with the State Chair and Chapter Hosts to oversee all aspects of planning and implementation of the Pláticas Poderosas series.

HWNT Cares Chair

Oversee and manage a committee to identify and recognize member's accomplishments, express our condolences and support members during difficult times. 

Advocacy Chair 

Oversees our process and all aspects of managing HWNT's advocacy role statewide.

Appointed Assistant Positions Available

Membership Assistant

Works closely with the Membership Vice Chair to help perform duties required to oversee and manage our membership statewide.

Marketing Assistant

Works closely with the Vice Chair of Marketing to help perform duties required to oversee and manage all communications for messaging and branding statewide.

Nominations Accepted HERE

until November 9, 2020

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